Fred E with new scooter

“Dear Lance, Janis and Wheelchair Labs. No words can express how grateful I am for the scooter you have given me. It has changed my life so much by allowing me the freedom to leave my home on my own and do so many things in my town of Yarnell, AZ. I have not been able to walk my dogs, but now they ride in the scooter with me in the basket, and they love it! Thank you so much for this wonderful gift. My heart will never forget your kindness. You definitely are angels from above. I love you all.”

Fred E., Woody & Grail (dogs)
Yarnell, Arizona

Allan F, Phoenix, AZ

“Since both my electric scooters went kaput on me… I was in a awful situation; I was no longer able to be independent… I am a Vietnam Veteran, and thanks to my neighbor Val, who worked hard on my behalf to find someone to help me regain my independence. He found a team of angels… Your team is awesome… I can now be independent and get back to my VA appointments; go shopping; and get all my other errands done… There [are] not enough THANK YOU’s for your dedication for helping those of us that have disabilities and want to continue being independent.”

Allan F.
Phoenix, Arizona

“Thank you so much for repairing my chair. I was in panic mode and I could not find anyone in the Valley to repair my chair, especially around the coming holiday. Lance took my chair back to diagnose it and not only did he diagnose it he repaired it. I offered to pay for his services but he said no charge. I am so grateful to Lance, Janis and Andrew for the best gift ever. Once again I thank you so much for all you did for me as well as what you do for others. You are truly a very caring and professional organization.”

Marilyn H.
Phoenix, Arizona

Jeff with specialized wheelchair

“Janis and Lance, thank you. I am very grateful to Wheelchair Labs. It is not just the power chair that will change my life, but also meeting the both of you. I am inspired by the kindness. I was in need a specific power chair with a seat that tilts and that’s exactly what you delivered. I am a father with two daughters who can now be more active. The value behind that is priceless!”

Jeff V.
Florence, Arizona

Veteran receives wheelchair

“Thank you Wheelchair Labs for helping my dad get mobile again! He has neuropathy in his feet due to diabetes caused from agent orange while serving in Vietnam. Now he will be able to go out and adventure!”

Tara & Donald T.
Phoenix, Arizona

“Lance, Janis and the Wheelchair Labs team: Your mission, dedication, time energy and travel is an incredible gift of the heart. It’s amazing to know there are people like you. Thank you for your help in giving Lisa mobility, freedom and independence. Lisa’s smile says it all. You’re one of Lisa’s angels too. With deep appreciation,”

Lisa and Lisa’s angels
Tucson, Arizona

Shelly and her new wheelchair

“Daily I struggle with movement and I try to remain as independent as possible but it can be hard, especially when you’re trying to ask someone else to move you around. What this organization gave me was the freedom to move to have the ability to do the things that I still want to do in life and live my life to the highest level, even with my illness. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity to do just that – the power chair is awesome. I’m able to now go and feed the vets and other things that are important to me in my life. My life still has a purpose, I just needed a way to do that purpose and they gave me that. Thank you so much for your help and I love you and I appreciate everything you did for me.”

Shelly E.
Phoenix, Arizona

Bryan B. and his wheelchair from Wheelchair Labs

“Living through the nightmare of a brain tumor that was cancerous was just the beginning of my plight. My true test came after remission with my life became limited because my left side was paralyzed. Imagine watching everyone leave and go on activities that you can’t do because you don’t have a caregiver that can push your chair. The foundation changed that. Mr. and Mrs. Greathouse came to visit me over the weekend and delivered me a surprise like no other and added new hope and joy to my life and I will be forever in their debt. Anyone going through an illness and needing a power chair knows how hard it is to get these things done through the insurance; I have been trying for over a year with no success. They were able to deliver me a chair in a record amount of time, asked for nothing in return and not only that get me back to living! I thank them so much and if there’s anything I can ever do for them I will always be ready and willing.”

Bryan B.
Phoenix, Arizona

Carla T for Wheelchair Labs

“Thank you Lance and Janis. I am so grateful for what you have done! I was homebound and would not have been able to get out of the house without the chair you provided me. I am able to get out now and live my life! I am so blessed to know you and can’t believe how this chair has changed my life. Thank you so much!”

Carla T.
Houston, Texas

J Bird for Wheelchair Labs

“Hello you two wonderful people. I’m not sure how to thank you enough! Never did I ever think I would be a receiver of such a gift!”

J. Bird
Phoenix, Arizona

“Working with clients on a daily basis I often see individuals who are in need of a mobile chair and it is often frustrating to see them not be able to participate in activities or live their life to the fullest because they don’t have the financial means to get a chair and insurance is not moving fast enough. Many of these individuals only have a short time left on this earth and a chair may seem small in need, but in truth, it is the very mobility that keeps them alive to want to keep fighting because they can embrace their life even with their limitations. Lance and Janis have done something that is truly amazing. They have given a renewed hope to a community of individuals who often are forgotten about. As a counselor, I am touched and I support their foundation 100%. They helped my clients and asked for nothing more than a waiver. Thank you again for the blessings that you bestowed.”

Sajuanna M., Assoc. Counselor
Tolleson, Arizona

Jozette M for Wheelchair Labs

“Thank you for the electric chair. My old manual chair was held together by bungie cords, and with carpel tunnel in both wrists, it was so painful to push myself. God bless you.”

Jozette M.
Phoenix, Arizona

Gerald H. with new power chair

“Lance and Janis, thank you for building me a power chair. I was so excited when I saw my chair, I could hardly believe it was mine. A couple of weeks ago I was stuck in my apartment in my manual chair with my knees hurting and almost had to be taken to the hospital. The paramedics came out, and my blood pressure was up from wheeling with my legs in my manual wheelchair. I really appreciate you two for getting me this power chair that I got right around my birthday! It wasn’t in my timing, it was in God’s timing. Thanks again.”

Gerald H.
Glendale, Arizona

Thomas J. and his beach wheels

“We had a great time in San Diego. The beach wheels worked great! It would
have been next to impossible to get him to the water without them. He loved
it, and so did we! Thank you again for all you did for us. It is greatly
appreciated. Here is Thomas at the beach sporting the wheels.”

Richard, Tina and Thomas J. (pictured)
Phoenix, Arizona

Sharolyn H and Charlie

“Lance and Janis, Charlie and I have once again had our daily walks. With new tires on my chair I felt confident to zip around the neighborhood. I so enjoyed our visit and am impressed with your zeal to help. I am privileged to be a recipient of your help.”

Sharolyn H.
Litchfield Park, Arizona

Courtney D. and his new scooter

“Lance and Janis are for real. If ever Angels were draped in human flesh it would be these two people. A friend of mine, Frank, got me acquainted with Lance and Janis and they wanted me to come to their place to see if I could handle getting a take-apart scooter in and out of my van. I could, and just a week to the day later, I was in my scooter and I am really enjoying it and doing great. Many thanks to you both!”

Courtney D.
Sun City, Arizona

Jean M had her wheelchair tires repaired

“I think it is a WONDERFUL thing you are doing. I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me. When the back wheels of my wheelchair popped I did not know what I was going to do. My girlfriend, Karen Spencer mentioned Wheelchair Labs and thought they might be able to help me. Having the wheels pop was like having my legs broken but Lance came to my rescue and mended them for me. I wish I had more to donate to this worthy cause.”

Jean M.
Phoenix, Arizona

Penelope with donated electric wheelchair

“Lance and Janis, I can’t thank you enough for helping me to ‘get on the road again’. You also fixed things on my power chairs I didn’t know needed fixing. Your family has a kind and generous spirit.”

Penelope A.
Phoenix, Arizona

Christine with her wheelchair

“Lance and Janis, I am so thankful for you, you are my angels. You’ve given me my life back and the ability to do things with my little girl and family that mean so much to me. There are not enough words to thank you.”

Christine W.
Phoenix, Arizona

“We have wished for a motorized chair for Willis for such a long time. We hoped to get him out of the house and down to his garden from time to time and also to take him fishing once gain. He has been housebound now for several years. We are so thankful for the chair you donated to him. We look forward now to being able to take him out to do things he had decided were no longer possible. We now have possibilities – how exciting that is! Thank you for your creativity and abilities, and all your hard work. Thank you for the wonderful motorized chair.”

The Gibbons Family
Show Low, Arizona

Terry with wheelchair provided by Wheelchair Labs

“Thanks so much Lance and Janis. The scooter you gave to me has allowed me to have freedom I’ve not had since my stroke. I no longer have to depend on others to get just a short distance. Thanks again, you’ve given me back part of my life I thought was lost for good.”

Terry G.
Mesa, Arizona

John with Stuntman Scooter

“Found myself at Wal-Mart one Sunday am doing a little shopping! Being disabled it is always quite a hassle. Was in the check-out process when I decided to purchase the Arizona Republic newspaper! In the magazine section was an article about the Greathouses & Wheelchair Labs! Home I went & sent an email!…thus the miracle of restoring my mobility began! I LOVE ‘The Stuntman Scooter’. It has restored a modicum of independence & the ability to once again be able to get out & enjoy life! Thank you Lance & Janis—You truly ARE miracle workers! The words ‘Thank you’ seem so trite, but Thank you so very much!!! P.S. And….NOT ONE CENT WAS CHARGED OR ASKED FOR!”

John A.
Phoenix, Arizona

Doreen, testimonial for Wheelchair Labs

“We appreciate very much your hard work and dedication to all the people you are helping get wheelchairs, myself included. Kudos to you both. I can’t thank you enough for the Jazzy – it is making my life so much easier to get out and enjoy the things I love to do most. We enjoyed meeting both of you. You two are a very inspirational couple. I hope you get lots of wheelchair donations so you continue to do what you love to do – help people.”

Doreen W.
Peoria, Arizona

Frank D. testimonial for Wheelchair Labs

“I just wanted to thank you for helping me with my scooter. I was at a dead end, nowhere else to turn here in the valley. I called you and you said yes, I can help you. Your willingness to help me just blew me away. That was on a Friday night, and by Sunday evening, Lance’s wonderful wife Janis called and said that the scooter was ready. I was completely amazed by her giving and every so friendly attitude. I’m riding my scooter again every day and it works great. Thank you very, very much. May God bless you.”

Frank D.
Sun City, Arizona

Karen S and her new wheelchair

“Lance and Janis, Wow! I’m astounded at my good fortune at having met you. Your goodness and generosity are overwhelming. No doubt you are exceptional human beings and fine examples for the rest of us. Living the Golden Rule every day but…with such exuberance and fun loving spirit, you’ve made this one of the best experiences of my life. I honestly love my spiffy new chair. You’ve eliminated my glowing fear and uncertainty over how I would keep my old chair going or get a new one. So much from my heart to yours.”

Karen S.
Phoenix, Arizona

Rhonda and wheelchair provided by Wheelchair Labs

“Thanks to Wheelchair Labs, I am now able to cook for myself without fear of being burned again! They provided me with a chair that raises me up so that I am looking down into the pan on the stove instead of guessing if it’s ready to boil over! They are the angels God sent to meet my need!”

Rhonda A.
Prescott Valley, Arizona

Jack with donated electric scooter

“Aging is inevitable and overtakes all of us. The loss of mobility is a curse accompanying this process for so many of us. I gradually fell into the torpor of remaining in my apartment rather than struggle along until your great generosity in furnishing me with a scooter released me from the grasp of isolation. Now it seems I am involved around the clock. THANK YOU FOR MY NEW LIFE!”

Jack N.
Sun City, Arizona

Terry with donated wheelchair

“Thank you for the most awesome scooter ever made. I just love it and cannot wait to use it with my gardening this summer. It is so very convenient to just hop on it and go wherever I need. You don’t know how much that means to me. I LOVE the horns! No more yelling for help for me! I really can’t express how much you two mean to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Terri M.
Pinedale, Arizona

“Thank you both for the wheelchair. It came just at the right time. You are both sent to me from God in my time of great need. Thanks again!”

Wanda T.
Prescott Valley, Arizona

Ed W. with his donated wheelchair

“Today, hope reborn arrived in the form of an amazing blessing from Lance and his organization. Wow! She’s a beaut! Lance, I want you to know that what you’re doing through your amazing works with Wheelchair Labs is nothing short of miraculous. Your passion for what you do, commitment to excellence, technical skill and compassionate heart will leave a legacy few could hope to duplicate. You don’t just help others in an abstract way. Your tireless efforts are evident in every mobility device you customize for your clients. Please know that you don’t just give us a way to get from point a to point b, which in and of itself would be profound enough. You give us the opportunity to be part of life again. To interact with others, see the beauty of nature, and to feel we can contribute to our family in meaningful ways. In short…you gave us our lives back!”

Ed and Diana W.
Phoenix, Arizona